Anonymous asked:

"Natural selection" came from where exactly? What caused the bing bang? I believe in some aspects of evolution but in then you have something that came from no where. In both cases there is an almighty creator.

ayomxmuzix answered:

Do you understand the logical fallacy you are committing? You are saying because you don’t understand how something works then “God” must have done it. Ignorance will never be proof of anything.

Natural Selection in its most basic form is the ability to pass on genes. It is whoever survives and is able to pass on their genes for survival thus their offspring have a probability to inherent said genes. Genes that conclude in death before reproduction cannot be reproduced.

I cannot tell you what caused the Big Bang but I can sure as hell tell you that me not knowing what caused the Big Bang does not make God the best answer. You use God as an answer to ignorance. Science is the exploration of said ignorance with methods of data gathering and observation.

Just because you cannot fathom a world that isn’t created by a God doesn’t mean your ignorance is proof of God. You also are asking all the wrong questions. Instead of asking and understanding a theory, you ask how is it possible. Does that make any sense at all? You cannot dispute a sound theory if you don’t understand it.


Cavill Training for Man of Steel Sequel


Cavill Training for Man of Steel Sequel

Just when you thought Henry Cavill couldn’t embody the Man of Steel even more, it looks like the production team for Batman vs Superman disagree, they plan for Cavill to beef it up even further. Henry Cavill who will be reprising the role as Clark Kent/Superman, he has been hard at work training for his upcoming sequel to The Man of Steel, which also stars Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman.



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